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Innermedia/Luckley House School/ 12/10/18 Full usage
NACC 2018 
Uploading as we go along
The Restaurant Show 2018 Monday and Wednesday
William Reed/Own Label/Headshots/Tasting/Sept 2018
Churcher's College/Sept 2018/Full usage
Blue Apple/Littlehaven/Northholmes Schools/Sept 2018/Full usage
Interactive/Sherborne Girls/Sept 2018/Reportage
Beechwood Park School/Sept 2018/Full usage
Plaza Premium Lounge T2 Event Sept 2018
St Judes Catholic Primary P014 1ND / EXTRA SHOTS
Magdalen College School Open Day Sept 2018
Moulsford Sept 2018
Ortford Primary School Sept 2018/Full Usage
Blue Apple/Milton Cross Sept 2018
BIA Awards 2018 
I have captioned the winner, when you click on their image.
LHR Retail 4/9/18
Heathrow August 2018
Sonder/MandS August 2018
Fulham College Boys GCSE
Villa Voltaire 2018/Stills
LHR/Staff/ 9/8/18 All Model Released
LHR Charity Football Tournament 2018
BIA 2018 Aiden Monks/Lovingly Artisan
One housing SWS Session August 2018/Full use
BIA 2018 Free From/Belgian Chocolate twists /Village Bakery
BIA 2018 Paul Rhodes (Paul Rhodes bakery)
BIA 2018 Speciality bread, Slow roast tomato,Alex Gooch Artisan
BIA 2018 Bakery Innovation,Satin Vegan Cake mixes Puratos
BIA 2018 Bakery Innovation,Mince Pie croissant,Paul UK
BIA 2018 Bakery Innovation, Botanical Breads Cinnamon sq.
BIA 2018 Free From Coffee/walnut cake, Liza Bakes
BIA 2018 (speciality bread) malted sourdough Bexhill farm kitche
BIA 2018 Boss Bagels, Ranas Artisan Bakery
BIA 2018 Aidan Chapman / Flint Owl Bakery
One Housing Session July 2018/Full usage
Blue Apple/ Thorpedene Primary/July 2018 Full usage
NOAH (AMBP) House of Lords July 2018
LHR Special Assistance Event/July 2018 
Model Released where appropriate
Sonnemann Toon/Boat Trip/July 2018 
Feel free to download and share
7billion/July 2018/Full usage
LHR Expansion Event/Transport Museum July 2018 
Please feel free to share
Blue Apple/Priory Rise School/ 5/7/18 Full Usage
FCBS/July 2018 /Full usage
Harrow International Leavers Dinner and some GVs
Harrow/Hong Kong June 2018/Full usage 
Please feel free to download
7 Billion Ideas/Hampton School June 2018
Blue Apple/ISP/Unit Photography/Full usage/June 2018
Heathrow Fun Day 2018
NOAH Members Day June 2018
Swanbourne House School/Jane Russell/June 2018 Full usagee
Blue Apple/Haversham/June 2018 Full Usage
Grocer Gold Winners 2018
Grocer Gold 2018
Aldwickbury School 1/2 day June 2018 Full Usage
Banstead Prep June 2018/Full usage
One Housing Walton on Naze June 2018 / Full usage
Inner Media / Gatehouse School June 2018
LHR Safety Awards 2018
Fulham boys June 2018
Fulham Girls/June 2018
NACC Care Chef Final 2018
Interactive/Wimbledon/June 2018/LOW RES
LHR KILO Apron Substructure Breaking Ground event 4/6/18
Niamh and Perry 2nd June 2018 
Please feel free to download and share the link
Sonder MandS Kew May 2018 Full usage
Blue Apple Education / Cold Harbour Primary / Full usage
Oswestry School/May 2018/Full usage
Peter Lightfoot LHR May 2018
LHR/Claire Lovelady T3/May 2018
Dolphin School/Innermedia/June 2018/Full usage
Churches College, Junior and Senior May 2018/Full usage
Moulsford Prep/May 2018/Full usage
LHR/RAPTOR and GV'S May 2018
The Grocer Own label awards batch 3 (after desert) and group
The Grocer Own Label .Awards Batch 1 and 2 (starters/mains)
The Grocer Own Label Food and drink awards general views 
please feel free to download and share
7 Billionideas/May 2018
Surbiton High School/May 2018/Full usage
Old Windsor Tigers Session May 2018 
Please feel free to download and share, cheers Andy
Blue Apple Education/Salmestone Primary/ Full usage
Media Collective/Cranmore School
Edge Grove School/Day 1 and 2/Full usage
Heathrow Charity Ball 2018 
Please feel free to download and share
Bedford Modern School / April 2018 / Full usage
Heathrow Star Awards 2018
One Housing/Baycroft/April 2018 
LHR/No Nonsense/Chapel
SCL Millwall April 2018 
Qantas/Tate Picasso April 19th 
Full usage
St Gerard's Bray/Interactive/April 2018
William Reed/Grocer Gold Judging April 2018
Consent Systems Ltd/April 2018 
Please feel free to use how you wish
Sonnemann Toon/141 Harley street stills 
Please feel free to download
SCL April 2018
NPSO Retouched Image
LHR/Flybe 1ST Birthday Heathrow April 2018 
Please feel free to download,Model released were appropriate
NPSO Staff Images/April 2018
Grammar Schools/Southend on Sea/March 2018/Full usage
St Pirans Holiday Club/March 2018/Full usage
William Reed Top 50 Indies March 2018
LHR/No Nonsense/Clergy Images T2 and Chapel/March 2018
LHR/Qantas/Airbus 10th Birthday
Innermedia/Habs Set-ups/backgrounds/some candids/full usage
Qantas Travel Agent Party 
Please feel free to download and share
LHR A380 10th Birthday Singapore/Emirates/Thai
LHR Huckerby Meadows Opening March 2018
LHR Baggage Screening Tour March 2018
Reed/CRA Awards March 2018 
All the award photos are captioned when you click on the image
LHR Tightrope/T5 Events
One Housing Event Cubitt Town 13/3/18
Molly's Bat Mitzvah 
Please feel free to share the link and download
Creative Triangle/LHR Wellbeing/stills
LHR International Wheelchair Day/Robotic Chair
Beetroot/LHR/Flight Simulator/Ealing Air Cadets 26/2/18
Westminster Kingsway College 23/2/18
PACE Forum 2018
LHR/Singapore Airlines 17/2/18
Andy Catterall website (schools section)
Andy Catterall website (Commercial Section)
Re-upload Piers
Cog/Long Close School/ Feb 2018
Sonder/MandS Feb 2018
LHR Sustainability Event 5/2/18
Heathrow/Khalsa Primary School visit 1/2/18
One Housing 31/1/18
Qantas/Australia Day Dinner 2018
A few images for commercial section
LHR/Jan 2018/Creative T/Agile session staff
Soft Edit for new website (schools section)
Habs Junior/Jan 2018
Yassin and Shazia Re-upload 
Please feel free to download and share
LHR A380 Roundabout December 2017 
Please feel free to download and share
T2 Dixons SkullCandy Promo December 2017
Heathrow Special Assistance Event 13/12/17 
Please feel free to download/share.
These images are model released where appropriate
Surbiton GP Christmas Concert 2017
Harrow School International/ December 2017/full usage 
Please feel free to download,Im backing up the raw files this end
Heathrow Volunteer Party/Awards 2017 
Please feel to download/share
NACC South East Christmas Party 2017
St Pirons/December 2017/Full usage
Habs Girls/November 2017/Full usage 
Please feel to download/I also keep them backed up here
CBI Session/November 2017 
Please feel to download
Cog/Downsend November 2017/Full use 
Please feel to download/share
Surbiton/High School Musical 2017 
Please feel to download/share
Moulsford Session November 2017/Full usage
Guarding UK Receptionist Session/Nov 2017/Full use
LHR/Capital Airlines/Inaugural/ 17/11/17 
Please feel free to download/share
(all model released)
M/M Retouched head shots
Media Collective /Birches Head/November 2017
St Pirons/November 2017/Full usage
Moulsford/November 2017/Full usage
Heathrow Awards 2017/Hilton T5 
Please feel free to download and share
One Housing/Burghley Road/November 2017 
Feel free to download/share
LHR/Beetroot/Winter feature/November 2017
Heathrow Academy Awards 2017 
Please feel free to download/share
LHR / Colleague Group Photo /Living Wage / 2/11/17 T2 
Please feel free to download
Noah Conference 2017 
please feel free to download and share
LHR/JAL JL042 Departure 29/10/17 
Please free to download/share
RUMA Conference 2017 
Please feel free to download and share
The University of Buckingham/Oct 2017/Full usage
Fulham Cross Girls School October 2017
Marks and Spencer/October/Full Usage 
Please Download
Cog/St Margarets Prep Oct 2017
Mccullough Moore/Staff shots/October 2017
Guilsborough and Naseby Schools October 2017 
Full Usage
St Colombas /October/Reportage and Directed full usage/day 1and2
LHR/Lightfoot/Oct 2017
LHR Singapore Airlines/Travel Agents/October 2017 
Feel free to download/share
NACC Conference 2017 
Feel free to download/share
Cog/Quinton House School/Oct 2017/Full usage
Cog/Salcombe/Oct 2017
Churches College /Sept 2017/Reportage/Full Usage
St Margaret's Prep School/September 2017
One Housing Sports Event September 2017 
Please feel free to download and share
LHR Special Assistance Open Day
BCSA Profile Images Sept 2017
Metaphors/Cathedral School/Sept 2017 Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
Media Collective/Trentham Academy/sept 17/full usage
Banstead Prep/September 2017/Full usage
Surbiton High School Prize giving 2017
LHR Team Baggage Family Fun Day/Sept 2017
RMS September 2017
LHR/GREAT/Minister Visit/Sept 2017
BIA Awards 2017
One Housing Staff 
One Housing/September 2017
Lightfoot/Louis Vuitton/t5 Stills 1/9/17
SCL Session/August 2017/Full usage
LHR Land Usage extra shots-Sipson rd and HV Transmission Lines
Heathrow Family Day 2017
RGS 10/7/14 Full usage
LHR Land Usage Project
Media Collective/July 17/Trinity/Leamington
Sonder/Tesco Christmas July 2017
Surbiton GP Prize Day July 2017
Piers/RGS/July 2017 Full Usage
LHR/The West/Harmondsworth Moor/Longford
Media Collective/Dorcan Academy/June 2017 Full usage
Fulham College Boys June 2017
Cog/Clifton Lodge June 2017 Full usage
RHC/NCMT June 2017
LHR Land Use Project/Bath Road
Surbiton Boys Prep Awards June 2017
CBI Portrait Session July 2017
Surbiton Summer Concert 2017
NOAH Members Day June 2017
Surbiton Boys Prep Production June 2017 
Feel free to download and share
Guarding UK/Profile Images/June 2017/Full usage
Italy 2017
Qantas/Lions -all images/full usage
Sue and Kevin Sunday 28th May 2017 
Please feel free to download and share how you wish
Media Collective/Lutterworth High May 2017/Day 2 Full usage
Media Collective/Lutterworth High/Reportage/Full usage day 1
Cog/Hendon Prep May 2017
Interactive/LWC/Reportage May 2017/Full Usage
Rowan Prep May 2017 Full usage
Kingston Grammar Day 2 /May 2017
Kingston Grammar / May 2017
Media Collective/Sidney Stringer Primary May 2017
One Housing Profiles May 2017
Surbiton-Swallows and Amazons Ravens AIT May 2017
UK Payments May 2017
RMS May 2017 
Please feel free to download/share/use/ how you wish
Cognita/Long Close Open day May 2017
Moulsford Session/May 2017 
Please download/share how you wish
Harrys pictures April 2017
The Weaver Family April 2017
Mariam and Richard 
Please feel free to download and share how you wish
LHR/EQUATE T5 Automated Gates April 2017
One Housing Session April 2017
LHR St Georges Day
IABSE Conference 2017 
Please feel free to download and share
SCL April 2017
David and Martin 9/4/2017 
Please feel free to download and share how you wish
Small Folio for Lolli Hall/ March 2017
Marks and Spencer/Partner session/March 2017
Dogs Trust March 2017
Interactive/Oakfields/reportage/April 17
Ceda/Cedabond Conf March 2017 
Please download and use how you wish
Cog/Canonbury March 2017
Surbiton GP Production and Profile images March 2017
Cog/NBH Hampstead March 17
COG/NBH Nursery/Pre-prep March 17
Interactive/St Andrews/March/extra reportage
David and Martin Re-sized/Graded
Surbiton GP Senior Concert March 2017
One Housing Minister visit March 2017
Surbiton BP and GP Concert March 2017
Mum Dad and Harry
DWS Session March 2017
Dogs Trust March 2017 Kenilworth
UK Payments March 2017
Cognita/Hendon Prep/Feb/Reportage
Interactive/Danesfield/Reportage/Feb 2017
Heathrow Business Partner Safety Event
Gerry Malone Session 22/2/17
CBI Staff/Feb 2017
CBI Carolyn Fairbairn/Profiles Feb 2017
RMS Feb 2017/Reportage
KingsCourt Prep Feb 2016
Tigers Group Shot Feb/17
One Housing Feb
Energy Now 2017 Day 1 and 2
Cognita/Glenesk Prep Feb 2017/Reportage
LHR Rhodes Freight Services/Valentines/Feb 2017
Surbiton BP/French Breakfast Feb 2017
Farmers Club/Grand re-opening 2/2/17
One Housing Portraits/reportage Feb 2017
Cog/Hydesville/Head shots /Jan 17
Interactive/Oakfield Prep Jan 2017 Reportage
Qantas Australia Day event/Jan 2017
Surbiton/Reportage/Jan 2017
Andy Catterall/Interactive Mini Portfolio 
A small selection of my Schools portfolio
Interactive/Victory Heights Dubai Reportage
Jess/Dubai/Jan 2017
Sonnemann Toon January 2017
Interactive/St Andrews 6/1/17 Reportage
Cognita/Downsend 14/12/16
Virgin Atlantic/Staff/Dec 2016
Cog/Downsend/Dec 2016
Interactive Kelvinside Academy November 2016
One Housing Protheroe Opening
St Dunstans day 2 november 2016
Annemount School November 2016
Interactive St Dunstans reportage November 16 Day 1
Heathrow Security Event and Profile images Nov 2016
Cognita/St Nicholas Prep/Nov 2016/ 1/2 day
One Housing November 2016 Protheroe house
Team Heathrow Partnership Awards
One Housing 50th Event 1/11/16
The Farmers Club/Oct 2016
Virgin/Head Office and Heathrow/Staff/October 2016
Interactive/St Margarets October 2016
Interactive/Talbot Heath/Oct 2016
St Josephs October 2016
Heathrow Volunteer Event Oct 2016
Fulham X Girls School/October 2016
St Columba's Stills Oct 2016
Cumnor House (Girls) Oct 2016
Cumnor House School (Boys) Oct 2016
Cress/Mel and Family RAC Club oct 2016
Restaurant Show 2016
Diageo/Exec (Greg)
Diageo Exec headshots/Wednesday
Sackville School Sept 2016
Heathrow Baggage Fun Day
Cognita/Millbourne Lodge/sept 2016 Day 1
LHR/Beetroot 5/9/16
LHR Passenger Ambassadors 30/8/16
LHR/Beetroot/Spencer Thomas 19/8/16
CBI Staff Session August 2016
Clemmie and Brian
Heathrow/Claire/Group shot
Emer and Family July 2016
University of Buckingham July 2016
Media Collective/Evelyn Grace 2016
Habs Day 2 June 2016
Interactive,Rye St Anthony School,June 2016
Greenacre School June 2016
Habs Day 1
StemTech 2016 Telford 
Please feel free to download and use how you wish
SCL Football June 2016
Interactive Re-shoot June 2016 Jack/Jill
Devon 2016 Holiday Snaps
CBI Staff/ 3rd June 2016
NOAH 30th Anniversary Dinner May 2016
Cog/Oakfields School/May 2016 
Please download and use how you wish,this gallery will remain live for around one year.
Interactive/St Margarets/Reportage May 2016
Ketel One/ Saturday night/andys shots 
Amie-The shots you requested are in here
Imbibe Aspall Cocktail Comp May 2016
extra shots cinema
Malvern St James/Interactive/May 2016 
candids and un-retouched set ups
JHK Heathrow T2 9/5/16
Clifton Lodge School May 2016
Simply/JHGS/New Head/May 2016
Interactive St Maragarets May 2016 
Set up and some candids
Cog/Thirst/ April 2016/Cumnor/half day 
Black Background/GV's
Cognita/Downsend 3 nurs/preps/April 2016
Interactive/Jags/April 2016/Reportage
Old Windsor Tigers April 2016 
Please feel free to download/share how you wish
Dads 80th pics
CEDA 2016 
Please feel to share and use these images how you wish
LHR/CLS Ltd 11/4/16
One Housing April 6th 2016
Interactive NCO Reportage/some lit shots/1/4/16
Tom/re-upload jan 2015 LHR
LHR/HK International Signing/ March 2016
Media C/Courthouse Green/March 2016
Surbition GV's March 2016
Interactive/WHSB March 2016
Interactive/Jack and Jill Feb 2016
Beetroot/Heathrow Life/19/2/16
Peter Lightfoot
Food to Go Conference/William Reed Feb 2016
Qantas Spirit of Australia Day Dinner
Riverbed/Octopus Profile Shots Jan 2016
Natalie and Yuen 
Please feel free to download and share how you wish
Payments Uk Staff shots December 2015
One Housing/Sophie
Surbiton Carol Concert
Moulsford December 2015
Surbiton Winter Concert
CBI Staff Portraits December 2015
William Reed Farm/Deli 2015 re-upload
Please download these images
AnneMount School Nov 2015 
Please download these images
Please download these images
St Josephs/November 2015
Cognita/Cranbrook November 2015
Chilton C/Cognita/Nov 2015 
Please download your images
Moulsford Prep November 2015
RNIB/Ruth/Wigan/October 2015 
Please Download these images
Interactive/Buckingham/Oct 2015 
Please download these images
St Margaret's Prep Oct 2015 
Please download theses images
SCL Cricket Sept 2015 
Please download these images
Samantha and Richard 
This Gallery will remain live for around 6 months,please feel free to download images
RNIB Jamie/August 2015
Interactive / Paxton Primary
Interactive/Fenstanton July 15
Interactive/Crawford Primary
Interactive / Kingswood Lower July 15
Interactive / Kingswood Upper July 2015
Interactive / Glenbrook July 15
Cognita Clifton Lodge June 2015
Qantas British Summer Time Concert
Cognita Duncombe School
Charlotte and Carl
Cognita St Margarets Prep June 2015
LHR T3IB Celebration Party June 2015
Cognita Long Close School June 2015
The Hall/May 2015
Interactive Schools The Leys Day 1 and 2
Shaun/St Pirans April 2015
RMS Various Images
Media Collective/Trinity Catholic/April 2015
SCL April 2015
Colmers Schoo/March 2015l/Media C
NBH Hampstead Senior
NBH Regents Park March 2015
NBH Hampstead Nursery March 2015
Canonbury March 2015
Sadruddin Hashwani, Truth Always Prevails
Hazel Profile Shots
LHR Reach Distinction Dinner
The Restaurant Show day 1,2,3 
This Gallery will remain live for 6 months so please download the images.I also keep a back-up
Rob Airport snaps
harry's 5th Birthday
LHR Avianca First Flight 4/7/14
St Josephs late June 2014
The Queen visit Terminal 2
Family Pics Fuji x1pro June 2014
June 2014 Visual ideas for Nic
harry February 2014
LHR Lifestyle October 2013
Harrys first day at school
Reading School May 2013
LHR Peter Lightfoot Feb 2013
lhr family guide 
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY press slideshow
Harry at Autumn
our holiday
Andy Catterall Photographer, School Portfolio 2018 
Please find enclosed a small selection from my education portfolio.I work quickly and without fuss allowing a great range of images in a session, ideal for website, print, press, banners and social media.I offer a competitive all-inclusive fee to suit budget.I work with Primary, Secondary, Academies and Independent schools.
To complement my my photography I also film and edit engaging video content.
If you would like to discuss your requirements I would be delighted to hear from you.

Recent ongoing clients include : Surbiton High School, Harrow International, Cognita, Moulsford Prep, Primary Site Ltd, The Media Collective, Interactive Schools, St Josephs' Reading, St Columbas college, JAGS, RGS School Guildford,Jess School Dubai, Kelvinside Academy, RMS School, Kingston Grammar.

I am DBS checked.

Please press slideshow.

Kind Regards, Andy

07774 796 281 (new website coming soon!)
Andy Catterall Corporate folio
Andy Catterall Dog Portfolio 
Please press slideshow
The Joy of Dogs session
Hello,welcome to a small selection of my wedding portfolio,contact me anytime if you have any quetsions or would like to book an appointment.Please play the slideshow.



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